What did the books of Henry George Laurence Gronlund and Edward Bellamy all have in common?

Question 88

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Question 88

What did the books of Henry George, Laurence Gronlond, and Edward Bellamy all have in common?

A) They relied on the new narrative style of science fiction to forecast the decline of the United States.
B) They all sparkled with unique economic observations but lacked ideas for reform or change.
C) They all praised the liberty and freedom of the American market economy, yet were all written by immigrants.
D) They all offered decidedly optimistic remedies for the unequal distribution of wealth.
E) They all relied heavily on the latest trends in sociological research.

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  • Q83:

    Henry George offered a(n) ________ as a solution for the problem of inequality in America. A) low-income housing program B) single tax C) immigration restriction law D) communist platform E) forced Americanization program

  • Q84:

    Both Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller amassed huge fortunes because they managed their companies under entirely democratic principles.

  • Q85:

    Who wrote a novel that promoted socialist ideas under the term of nationalism? A) Lawrence Gronlund B) Thorstein Veblen C) Mark Twain D) Henry George E) Edward Bellamy

  • Q86:

    Which of the following statements about the Haymarket Affair is correct? A) The explosion of a bomb during the protest fueled employers' efforts to paint the labor movement as dangerous and un-American. B) The Knights of Labor gained a reputation for peaceful protests that helped them achieve notoriety and evolve into a major political party. C) Several members of the president's cabinet left in disgrace in response to the revelation that they had engaged in bribery. D) The demonstration brought about laxer immigration laws and significantly improved the experiences of immigrants in the United States. E) Race riots in major cities resulted in Congress doing away with the last of the legislation left over from Reconstruction.

  • Q87:

    The idea for the Statue of Liberty originated as a response to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

  • Q89:

    The Haymarket Affair led to the decline of which group? A) the Christian Lobby B) Knights of Labor C) Women's Christian Temperance Union D) Ku Klux Klan E) Reform Bureau

  • Q90:

    Which of the following statements accurately describes elections during the Gilded Age? A) Elections were entirely fraudulent due to widespread malfunctioning of voting machines. B) Elections were closely contested affairs characterized by intense part loyalty. C) Elections remained unnoticed affairs, as most people did not care about politics. D) Elections were almost nonexistent because of the political turmoil that characterized the period. E) Elections were flashy affairs, but the results were never close.

  • Q91:

    After the Civil War, political parties were closely divided. What geographical area did the Democrats dominate? A) the industrial North B) the Midwest C) the South D) the agrarian West E) the mining districts of California

  • Q92:

    How did the American Catholic Church act during the Gilded Age? A) American Catholics grew increasingly apart from their fellow believers in Europe. B) The American Catholic Church saw a growing number of clergies advocate social justice and reform. C) Afraid of a schism between wealthy and poor Catholics, the Church instead turned its attention to the defense of marriage and parental control. D) Overwhelmed by the radicals of largely Catholic southern European labor organizers, the Church distanced itself from its traditional stand for social justice and equality. E) Eager to ward off criticisms of "papal rule," the American Catholic Church denounced the Vatican.

  • Q93:

    American workers received lower pay than their European counterparts, but their working conditions were far better.

What did the books of Henry George Laurence?

Henry George
Notable work
Progress and Poverty (1879) Protection or Free Trade (1886)
Annie Corsina Fox
Henry George Jr. Anna George de Mille
Modern philosophy 19th-century philosophy
Henry George - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › Henry_Georgenull

Which of the following most accurately describes the relationship between the government and the economy during the Gilded Age?

Which of the following most accurately describes the relationship between the government and the economy in the Gilded Age? Politicians of both major parties favored business and banks and supported a reduction in the money supply and a return to the gold standard.

Which of the following was included in theatrical and dime novel?

Which of the following was included in theatrical and dime novel depictions of the American West? Amazing feats of skilled horseback riding, roping, and shooting.

What was the aim of the Carlisle a boarding school for Indians quizlet?

What was the aim of Carlisle, a boarding school for Indians? To civilize the Indians, making them "American" as whites defined the term. All of the following factors contributed to explosive economic growth during the Gilded Age EXCEPT: low tariffs.