Which type of business community consist of people who work near the company?

Although all businesses are different, interestingly, they all share a common purpose: to add value to customers. Almost all businesses have distinct characteristics and values, so it is essential to first understand: what exactly is a business?

A business is an individual or group of individuals that work together to produce and sell goods and services for a profit. Businesses can either be run for profit, such as restaurants, supermarkets, etc., or non-profit organisations developed to serve a social purpose. Non-profit organisations do not earn profits from their services, as all earned profits are used in achieving social objectives. An example of this is the non-profit organisation SafeNight, which offers a secure way for domestic violence shelters and anti-trafficking service organisations to crowdsource funding for immediate shelter.

A business is defined as an organisation or entity involved in commercial, industrial, or professional activities providing goods or services to the public.

Business meaning

Business is a broad term but is usually referred to as the profit-generating activities which include the provision of goods or services wanted or needed by people in exchange for a profit. Profit does not necessarily mean cash payments. It can also mean other securities such as stocks or the classic barter system. All business organisations have a few common characteristics: the formal structure, aim to achieve objectives, use of resources, the requirement of direction, and the legal regulations controlling them. Based on the factors such as the degree of liability, regulation on tax exemptions, business organisations are divided into the following: sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporations, and limited liability companies.

Sole proprietorships - local food joints and grocery stores, etc.

Partnerships - Microsoft (Bill Gates and Paul Allen) and Apple (Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak).

Corporations - Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, etc.

Limited liability companies - like Brake Bros Ltd., Virgin Atlantic, etc., are also corporations.

What is a business concept?

A business concept is a statement representing a business idea. It includes all the key elements – what it offers, target market, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and feasibility of succeeding. It explains why the businesses’ USP provides itself with a competitive advantage in the market. A developed business concept is then added to the business plan for the successful implementation of the concept.

What is the purpose of business?

The purpose of every business is to offer/add value to their customers’ lives through the products or services they offer.

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Community businesses help make places better in a real way. From saving local shops and creating leisure facilities to providing training opportunities for local people and helping to build affordable housing.

All over England, people are coming together to make the places they live better.

Community businesses can be any type of business that trades products and services such as shops, transport, farms, hubs, pubs, gardens or leisure centres, run by local people for the benefit of the local community.

There’s a growing movement of communities taking back control of their local areas through business. Hundreds of thousands of people working to improve the places where they live – buying the last pub in the village, running their local football club, saving their public halls and local libraries.

Community businesses come in many shapes and sizes. At Power to Change we have found that organisations that are locally rooted, accountable to the community, trading for community benefit and creating broad community impact are particularly impactful to empower people to make their local places better, and we support organisations that share these values (or share some of these values and are interested in learning more about how these values might make their organisation stronger).


Community businesses are locally rooted


Accountable to the local community

For what?

Trading for the benefit of the local community


Aim for broad community impact

What do we mean by these values?

Local roots

A business started by local people that will benefit the community around it.

Accountability to the local community

The local community have a genuine say in how the business is run.

Trade for the benefit of the local community

Community businesses sell services and products in and around their local area.

Broad community impact

Community businesses engage with a variety of different groups in their community and address different community needs. They may have a specific focus on a disadvantaged group, or support the local community more widely.

Which type of business community consists of people who work near the company quizlet?

Which type of business community consists of people who work near the company? Employee community. The relationship between business and the community is accurately described by: It is one of mutual interdependence.

What are the types of business in a community?

Local examples.
Social Enterprises..
Community businesses..
Housing associations..
Credit unions..
Local enterprise agencies..
Community development finance initiatives..
Job creation..

What is one reason that firms partner with communities to increase economic development?

To meet stakeholder demands. What is one reason that firms partner with communities to increase economic development? A. To expand environmental sustainability.

Which industry gives the most in kind contributions?

Which industry gives the most in-kind contributions? Pharmaceutical companies.